Is Your Overactive Bladder Controlling Your Life?


It’s Time to Take Back CONTROL With Flotrol!

Why is my bladder not holding like it used too?
A usual bladder holds up to five hundred milliliters of urine. As you use the bathroom the detrusor muscles, which look like bands, contract and relax. This controls the start and stop of urination. Keeping these muscles toned and strong keeps the bladder healthy.
Overtime if you loose the tone of your detrusor muscles they will signal to your body that you need to use the bathroom, even though your bladder is not full yet. This is the condition known as ‘overactive bladder’.

If left untreated this bladder issue doesn’t only effect your urinary tract health, but it also affects your emotional, psychological, and social well being. Both men and women find it hard to enjoy life around others as they spend most of their time worrying about where the closest bathroom is.
Don’t let this happen to you. There is an all natural solution that can fix your overactive bladder problem, and get you back to enjoying your life and the people you share it with.

Flotrol Uses All Natural Ingredients To Stop Your Bladder Issues In Their Tracks

All the ingredients inside of Flotrol are all natural and safe for everyone to use. There really is no better choice when it comes to using an effective bladder support formula. And did we mention that you can get Flotrol online without the need for any specialized prescription from your doctor?

It’s really this EASY to get your life back on track!

Backed by clinical proof, Flotrol is truly the only all natural bladder support supplement that is trusted by medical professionals for their patients.
“Research has show that individuals see a significant change in their need to urinate just after the 1st week of using Flotrol. And this marked improvement continues to increase over the entire six week period of the study.”

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