Does Flotrol Really Work?

Will Flotrol Stop My Overactive Bladder For Good?

The makers behind this bladder support supplement have conducted medical research studies to verify that Flotrol makes a significant effect on the lives of individuals who choose to take it.
user results show in chart form
​Overactive bladder suffers were given tablets containing the ingredients in Flotrol over several weeks to see how it changed their frequency of visiting the bathroom.
Just after Week One users reported a decrease in the frequency of having to go.
At the end of each additional week, researchers found that patients continued to report significant improvements in their ability to avoid constant bathroom visits.
Not only were users spending less of their lives relieving their bladder, but their outlook and quality of life was improving at a steady climb, as well.
Flotrol is more than just the cure for your bladder control issues, it’s the key to getting that happiness of life back that you have been missing.
No more will you have to miss out on those important moments with family and friends due to an overactive bladder. You will finally be there to witness each special occasional for yourself.

Flotrol Bladder Control Ingredients

Poor bladder control and unintended leakage is attributed to weak bladder muscles. These are the muscles that help to control the flow of urine. When they are weak they tell your body you need to go to the bathroom often and sometimes can result in unwanted urine leakage.
So when it comes to finding a cure for a poor bladder, the obvious solution is using ingredients that strength the bladder muscles. To do this researchers at Flotrol looked into ancient medicine tactics used by previous societies, like the Native Americans.
The most used ingredient by these individuals was pumpkin seeds. Although the did not understand their cellular effect on the body, the Native Americans knew they worked to cure bladder problems.
On the cellular level, pumpkin seeks inhibit a specific enzyme in the human body. This allows for muscular tissue growth due to a higher ratio of testosterone. More muscle growth means your bladder muscle grow stronger.

Next, research found that soybean extract had a similar effect on the body. However, this particular ingredient worked by supplying the body with a hormone to stop muscular atrophy. This is the process of the muscles breaking down. So, soybean extract stops the muscle build up provided by the pumpkin seeds from breaking down a weaking the bladder muscles.
By using all natural ingredients, the creators of Flotrol have been able to capture the much needed positive effects of these solutions for the bladder muscles. And because these components are all natural you will not get any bladder control side effects from taking this dietary supplement.

Flotrol Natural Bladder Support Dosage

This Flotrol medicine is intended for both men and women who are over the age of eighteen years old.
We recommend taking five tablets spread out throughout the day with your usual meals. Repeat this process for the first two weeks of use.
Starting the third week you can reduce the dosage down to two to three pills per day with food. This is the suggested level to maintain the positive benefits from Flotrol.
To get the full drug information about this product be sure to refer to the Flotrol label to your right.

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